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The steps which an engineer goes through in structural drafting

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Structural drafting which is a part of civil engineering is an important part of the construction process. People used structural drafting before you could even imagine, it dates back to the 27th century BC when Egyptians made Pyramids. The structural drafting has been used for ages now and it really shows how important of a part it is.

With the advancement in technology which has increased extremely in the past few years, the companies related to drafting are using software such as CAD to design and analyze the structures. Now the softwares are also being used not just to make building structures but also non-building structures.

Structural engineers have a big responsibility upon their shoulders. They are trusted with the responsibility of making designs structural analysis Steel detailing and many other factors which go and do the whole process of making a building or a non building structure. The engineer assures error-free accurate design, risk analysis, the estimated cost of materials and structural elements.

Structure design support

Structural engineer plays a big role in designing individual elements and the whole structure. The detailed and complex designs of the modern-day world call for creativity and dedication to the subject. And engineer professional in this case is the best choice you have to provide the most accurate information on foundations, floors, roofs types, the quantity of steel required, alignments, nuts and bolts you name it, the engineer will surely have the details on the subject.

Structural analysis

In modern times even if you notice in your surroundings the complexity of structures have gotten more and more detailed with the ever growing ideas and new patterns have made it possible to make odd shaped structures which engineers were unfamiliar with some decades ago. But with the complex designs and materials, new day structures also the demand they requirement of effective structures such as (a structure being held up on what looks like a weak hold but its unique pattern might make it stronger than it seems to be). Many factors need to be taken into consideration such as reliability, safety, strength and material specifics.

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Safety assessments

Safety is a key in every structure all the things which are taken into consideration somehow directly or indirectly connect with safety at some point. Structural drafting helps predict the safety measures such as the capacity and stability of the structure. How natural disasters such as earthquakes might affect the building and so on. This helps to make accurate changes to the structure to make it better step by step so it can cope up with such problems.


The structural drafting helps to outline how a specific member of the structure might act in a situation and what type of material will be most suitable for it. They divide the structure into many small pieces which are then instructed with detailed designs on every single one of them. This also helps the builders to determine the structure efficiency.

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