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Top Tips to Safely Carry Out DIY Gutter Cleaning

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Gutters need to be cleaned twice a year to remove leaves and other debris so that water can flow freely, and gutters can fulfill their purpose. Although gutter cleaning like any job that involves working at height can be a very dangerous task if not done carefully. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the right way to clean their gutters and wind up getting hurt. Although it is always much safer to leave these kinds of jobs to the professionals like the team at Endeavour Property Services who offer gutter cleaning throughout Auckland. For those more do it yourself included, below we cover some helpful tips to help you safely clean your gutters.

Ladder Safety

One of the most dangerous things about gutter cleaning is that in order to carry it out you need to use a ladder to reach the gutters. Unfortunately, many individuals are not educated on how to safely use a ladder, and this is why do it yourself gutter cleaning is such a dangerous task. When cleaning out your gutters, it is important that you select a strong ladder that is right for the height in which you need to reach. It is also important to check your ladder for defects before using it as defects such as dents, rust and loose parts may make it unsafe for use. You should check that the ladder is able to support the weight of yourself and your tools. It is always safer to go for a ladder that has a small shelf attachment to hold your bucket and tools as this leaves your hands free for cleaning.

When using the ladder, it is important to keep both feet and one hand on the ladder at all times, as to be completely stable. If you are finding yourself having to reach very far one direction, go down the ladder and move it to the desired area and start again. As when reaching is when many of the accidents on ladders occur as your weight is not balanced equally on the ladder.


Often you don’t get around to cleaning your gutters until a storm comes and the water begins to leech into your home. It is important to consider the weather conditions when cleaning your gutters and take onboard steps that make it safer for you to complete the job. For example, if cleaning your gutter is rain be sure to wear shoes with good grip, especially if you will need to stand on the roof to unblock the drains. But if you are gutter cleaning in strong sun be sure to wear sun glasses as the sun can reflect off the roof and be very bright even blinding.


When cleaning your gutters, it is important that you have all the right tools ready before you go up the ladder. As accidents often occur when you forget something and rush down the ladder to go get it. Some tools which can be helpful is some form of scoop to collect the built-up debris. It is also good to have a garden hose on hand as this can useful for flushing out any blockages in downpipes. Also using a garden hose, you can test that all the debris has been removed and the gutters are functioning as they should be.


It is important to wear protection when undertaking do it yourself gutter cleaning. Most importantly hand and eye protection. For your hands, it is important that you wear gloves, this is to protect you from any sharp edges on the roof or gutters that could easily cut your hands. But it is also important to wear eye protection as debris can very easily come flying out of the gutter when cleaning so it is a good idea to wear glasses so it does not get in your eyes.

Buddy System

When using a ladder and working at height it is always a good idea to have a buddy with you. They can secure the bottom of the ladder and also even go retrieve tools and thing you may need along the way. Although if nobody else can be there, the second-best option is to let somebody know that you will be going up the ladder or onto the roof. By letting somebody know they will be able to check in with you, so in case you have a fall somebody knows that you are on the roof and will come over if they do not hear from you.

Leave It to the Professionals

Undoubtedly the safest way to clean your household gutters is to call in a team of professionals. As professional gutter cleaners are trained in health and safety and have the correct tools to get the job done right every time. Also, professional gutter cleaning means that your gutters will function at their best all year round. We recommend getting your gutters cleaned twice a year to ensure they are functional.

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