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What is the Crux for Finding a PST Lawyer

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If you want the representation of your interests in court to be carried out at a decent level, you will have to analyze all available information about the lawyer yourself – otherwise you risk staying on the court without a lawyer. In this article we will try to give some basic tips that will help you in your difficult choice of lawyer.

Thelawyer, proposed by the investigator, is not good for you

The investigator can say as much as he likes that the lawyer recommended by him is the best choice for you, but, in fact, he is the best choice for the investigator. Such a defender will try to create as few problems as possible for his protégé.

Avoid lawyers whose representation is on the territory of the court

The situation is similar: the court is a very advantageous place for a lawyer, and he will try to create for the court a minimum of difficulties, so as not to lose comfortable working conditions.

Free lawyer is usually a bad lawyer

By law, you are required to provide a free lawyer. However, such a lawyer is not interested in the successful outcome of this case, since his fee will be a ridiculously ridiculous amount, which he will also receive very soon.

A good lawyer is not cheap

A PST Lawyer is usually always expensive, and a good lawyer is doubly expensive. The high cost of legal services is determined by market conditions, as well as by the very nature of the activity of the lawyer, whose work often depends on the freedom of the individual. Therefore, try not to stint on such a fee – but with the mind, controlling and minimizing your expenses for a lawyer, by way of stage-by-stage payments for specific services of a lawyer.

A good lawyer and fashion lawyer – different things

At court, the characteristics of the secular life of a lawyer and the level of his fame do not matter. And even on the contrary, can be perceived “in bayonets”. In court, the main task of a lawyer is that he should help you, not let you be deceived by the judge or the opposing party, made by your lawyer and his reasons, based on thorough knowledge of the laws and case materials. If the lawyer does not leave television screens, pages of magazines about fashionable “get-togethers”, think – where such a defender will find time to work on your case?

Do not trust loud titles

An advocate’s association can have any titles and an arbitrarily good reputation, but it does not mean anything. Lawyers are united in different formations not by professionalism or experience, but by completely unimportant criteria for the client, for example, in the place of residence or kinship. Your interests in the court will be represented not by an advocate’s association, but by a specific person and it is his professionalism, reputation and decency that should be checked.

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