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Choosing Custom Shades For Your Windows: What You Need To Know

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If you’ve decided to go with custom shades in your home the selection process will be considerably different than trying to outfit your exterior windows with shutters in richmond. That’s because you are dealing with a window treatment that is designed to work with a much softer material.

Shades are far more malleable and delicate than shutters or even blinds, both of which rely on harder materials from vinyl to wood to metal and they can be operated using slats or vanes that open and shut in order to adjust the amount of light you want in your room.

But with shades, you are dealing with softer fabrics that can range from linen to cotton to vinyl and the type of material you select is important to consider based on how much light you want to filter through or blackout entirely.

What’s great about selecting custom shades is that you have hundreds of material options from which to choose in a variety of shade types. Since they do not contain slats or vanes, you are dealing with one continuous piece of material that can be raised or lowered as you wish. The material you select for constructing your shades will also play a role in how much light enters the room when they are drawn over the window completely.

If you are contemplating custom shades for your home, these are some of the most common options that are available. You can then decide on the materials you prefer to best complement the décor of your home while providing the functionality you desire:

Roller Shades

When you think of shades, this is probably the first that comes to mind. Your parents probably had these in the house when you were a kid, maybe even your grandparents as well. These are the most fundamental version of the typical shade as a window treatment.

They’re very simple in their construction, a roller shade consists of one long piece of material that is attached and wound around a wood dowel that is built with a spring-loaded system for easy raising and lowering. What’s great about these types of blinds is their simplicity. They can be placed over almost any type of window for a neat and tidy aesthetic.

Since these types of shades consist of one length of fabric, you have hundreds of options as to the material that is best for your home and the room in which you are mounting this form of window treatment. These types of shades are also a great choice for combining with other forms of window treatments and they can fit over windows and even doors that may not work with alternative treatment choices.

When you are considering roller shades you have two options to consider, regular roll and reverse roll. The biggest distinction between the two is found in the way the material falls from the dowel. With the regular option, the material is placed closer to the window and the dowel exposed from the material dropping off the back of it. The reverse option, as you may have guessed, reverses that arrangement in that the material falls forward from the dowel.

The clearance between the material and the window provides for more light to enter the room. If your intent is to cut out as much light as possible, you’ll want to opt for a regular option since the material is placed closer to the window. But if you want to allow more light to seep in even with the shade drawn, the reverse option may be more ideal since there’s a wider gap between the material and the window.

Roman Shades

This option incorporates a long piece of material that folds up as it gathers when a cord is pulled to raise the fabric. This option is designed to bring a more elegant appearance to the room in that you have more to look at when the shade is raised, unlike roller shades which leave a wound up bolt of material hanging above the window when the same operation is performed.

The pleated aesthetic of the material at the raised position provides grace and sophistication or you can achieve a retro or even old-fashioned look in any room. Much like with roller shades, the material you choose will not only play a role in regulating the amount of light that enters the room when they are drawn, but can bring an additional flourish through patterns and bold colors which are seen more easily in the same position.

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