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DIY tips on making a 4-walled cuboid into your dream home

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The stylish look of your home depends on the decorations and arrangements of the things. In most cases, wall decors play a major role in gaining attention of the people.

DIY 4-walled cuboids are very easy to create and look very classy. You can also remodel this if required. To create one for yourself you don’t necessarily buy new materials, you can use old or discarded items as well. This DIY cuboid can be placed anywhere in your 2 BHK flat in Pune like the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The overall cost for creating one 4 Walled cuboids is much cheaper than you can imagine.

4 walled cuboid shelves are very inexpensive and versatile and they also add charm to your room. You could make decors in various shapes and size, whereas the box construction technique remains same for all. You will be able to build a dozen of boxes in just a few hours, all you need to do is fasten four sides together and put them on the back.

4-walled cuboid for your kid’s room

When you build wall shelves for your kid’s rooms you can make it more creative by using unique designs, because kids like attractive rooms with cool decors. For instance, you can build wall shelves in different shapes like a tree or geometrical shapes. You can use these shelves to store their things and other stuff. If you make a bigger size cuboid then you can even use that for storing storybooks or nursery rhymes in an organized manner.

What do you need?

Materials required to create 4-walled cuboid are primer and paint, Sandpaper, Screw hole buttons, Stain, and polyurethane. You also need some tools to build this décor, tools like Nailgun, Circular saw, clamps, drill bit set, drill, driver(cordless), framing square, level, straight edge, tape measure and wood glue. You need a table saw smoothen the surface of the plywood sheets and a circular saw to cut all ends (top, back, and sides of the wood).

How to do?

Trim the parts of the box straight and in a square shape. Two layers of the wood need to be stacked up to perfectly match. Next step is to cut off all the dents along the sides and edges so that when the pieces are held together they should be in line with each other. After the cutting part is over, you need to assemble the pieces against a square and impel 3 nail pieces with a nail gun in each corner and hold them together till the glue dries up. After the assembling part is done you need to sand the pieces to make it smoother and dust away all the waste particles.

If you want colorful boxes then paint them with your desired paint color. Make sure to brush them first with latex primer before applying color paint.

Points to remember

Once you are done with the build, you can hang them on the desired place. Make sure you care about certain things while hanging.

  • Hang the pieces with the side parts overlapping the top part and bottom, so that the corner nails are made strong and make the boxes strong.
  • Don’t stuff the box and make it heavy
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