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Five Reasons Why The Water Pressure in your Home is Weak

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At the start of each day, a normal person has to take a bath or use a sink to brush one’s teeth. To effectively accomplish these hygienic tasks, the flow of water inside your home should be strong enough for your needs. Otherwise, it would take you a very long time to finish bathing, washing the dishes, or even cleaning your hands. That’s why you need to be vigilant in making sure your plumbing system at home can keep up with the things you need to do. As such, you need to be familiar with the various reasons why there is a weak water pressure plaguing your residence. This will help you trace the root of the problem and coming up with a plumbing-related solution can be attainable.

There is a leak somewhere in your house

Plumbing leaks are of the most common reasons why your house’s water pressure is faltering. Instead of enjoying a complete flow of water in your shower or faucet, these leaks rob you of that benefit. Instead, this amount of water is placed in an area where they should not be present. Along with a loss of water pressure, these leaks also cultivate the growth of mold. Once there is a huge amount of mold in your home, the quality of air is also affected as well. It’s imperative to trace these leaks and have repaired by an emergency plumber Singapore immediately.

Your plumbing pipes are filled with various kinds of minerals

As time goes by, your water supply will be filled with different kinds of minerals. Prominent among these minerals are magnesium and calcium. Once these pipes have accumulated a great deal of various minerals, the quality of the water you’re using will definitely go down. To remedy this predicament, you can call on an experienced plumber to get rid of all harmful substances in your plumbing pipes so the water pressure will return to normal.

Your faucets and showerheads have already deteriorated

Just like everything in your house, faucets and showerheads will obtain a lot of wear and tear after quite some time. When this happens, they will release a weaker flow of water every time you use these plumbing fixtures. Furthermore, they can also cause leaks and make the problem more complicated than it is. What you should do is take them out and install replacements for these fixtures right away. Not only will you have a better water pressure, you’ll also get rid any chances of leaks from happening.

The plumbing pipes inside your house is already old

Speaking of harmful minerals and deterioration, these two factors can also affect your plumbing pipes. When that happens, the flow of water into your plumbing fixtures will definitely drop. It’s important to have all of your plumbing pipes checked, maintained, repaired, and replaced on a regular basis if you want to enjoy a consistent level of water pressure.

Your area doesn’t have a good supply of water

If you have checked your home for all of the previous reasons and you have found none of them, it only means your residential area has a weak supply of water. As a result, the water pressure will also be affected. If this is what you are experiencing, it would be better to talk to your local water supplier and find out how they can solve this problem.

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