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How And Where You Should Recycle Your Old Carpet

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If you’re getting rid of an old carpet, you might imagine that there’s a better way to deal with it than simply throwing it in the trash. You’re absolutely right: If your carpet is in good shape and can be reused, you can find ways to recycle your carpet easily. So how is it done? First, you’ll have to make sure your carpet is clean and ready to be recycled. Some rugs are too far gone to be reused. If you want to help the process along, think about hiring the expert carpet cleaners at Dr. Chem-Dry to make sure your rug is ready for recycling. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to start looking for places that will recycle your carpet for you. Since many carpets can’t be broken down and thus are a bad fit for landfills, you’ll need to find a service that can help you get rid of your rug responsibly. If you’re ready to get started, here’s what you need to do.

Check Online For Recycling Guidelines

Before you start looking for ways to recycle your rug, you should make sure it actually can be recycled. If you’ve already tried to donate your rug, you’ve probably come up against a few hurdles. Many places won’t accept a used rug, especially if it’s older than a few years. But that doesn’t mean your rug can’t be easy reused rather than tossed in a landfill. In fact, if you try to throw your rug in the trash, there’s a chance it won’t be picked up. That has to do with the fact that many fibers simply won’t disintegrate and will stay rotting underground forever. Although, if your old rug is truly beyond hope, you can always bring it to the dump. But first, try going a greener route. To try and recycle your old rug, the first thing you should do is figure out what materials it’s made out of. This will help you find the right resource and figure out the right way to dispose of your rug so it doesn’t end up hurting the environment. For instance, while you can recycle cotton, you probably won’t be able to recycle polyester. If you’re a business that’s trying to recycle yards of old berber carpet, you might have a hard time finding a place that’s going to take that on. However, if your carpet is made of natural fibers, you’ll be able to find a resource fairly easily by checking online.

Use a Recycling Locator

Now that you know your carpet can be recycled, you can check for your nearest drop-off point. By checking online and entering in the type of carpet fiber and backing you’re dealing with, you can find a drop-off point. Usually, a recycling point can be found within a few miles of your residence. If you live in a large city, this may be tougher, although your drop-off point may technically be closer. If you’re transporting your carpet to a far-away area, think about cutting it into manageable strips so you can make the commute easier. You can easily find a recycling locator online, and you can call the facility early to make sure your donation will be accepted and to ask about pickups. You can also coordinate with friends and family to make a big drop-off at a recycling center. If you make regular trips to the dump, it should be easy enough to incorporate a trip to the recycling center during your trash days.

Try Contacting CARE

In recent years, a small organization has sprung up to deal with the needs of folks looking to recycle their old carpets. CARE, or the Carpet America Recovery Effort, is dedicated to getting residents to hand over their old carpets for easy recycling to keep the landmines clear of hostile, indigestible fibers. CARE is available in 26 states, which means you have a 50% chance of being able to use their service wherever you are. You can find a map of the areas they cover by going online, or you can give them a call. CARE will ask you to donate anything from 5 to 25 cents for each pound you’ll be recycling. However, this number will likely go down as the organization grows and becomes more visible in the mainstream. CARE will also allow you to search for your materials by brand, usually with the most recognizable commercial brands like Shaw and Mohawk up front. If you don’t see your brand listed, don’t assume it’s not able to be recycled. For more information, call CARE and ask if they’ll be able to recycle your rug.

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