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Reo Auction services- A Closer Look at How it Works

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The term REO property is used to denote real estate owned property.  In brief, these are properties undergoing the process of repossession that has been initiated by the lending party when the borrower has defaulted.  In a day-to-day scenario, these properties were bought with the help of a mortgage loan. Most of the times the lender turns out to be a bank.  The lending authority or the bank takes the decision to foreclose the properties and conducts a foreclosure auction. However, due to high prices or analogous reasons no suitable bidders were found.   REO’s are considered to be the favorite of organizations who act as the broker for re-selling homes. Holding possession of a foreclosed home is not ideally suited for the regular operations of crediting institutes like banks. Hence, they proactively do the needful for disposing these properties at the earliest. Capitalizing on this trend, many organizations have started providing REO consultation or REO auction services.

In contemporary time REO auctions have been a topic of hot debate.  Lending authorities are very desperate to dispose of these assets and even offer lucrative offers that include an allowance for repairs, incentives of special deals, ideal financing terms etc.  Some banks even sell their REO’s at 30 percent less than their actual value. There are instances when appliances and furniture are included too.  Generally, selling REO properties is a tough ask for the creditor. Hence, a skilled investor will seize on every opportunity to make it even more difficult by avoiding foreclosure auctions.  In such a scenario, the creditor is often caught on the wrong foot and compelled to offer bigger incentives than usual.

Buying a property through to auction services is more advantageous in comparison to purchasing a property through the standard foreclosure auction because prior to the completion of the sale REO ’s can be inspected. Hence, one is not compelled to purchase a property without conducting an evaluative examination of the same.  Having the option to inspect a property prior to its sale allows the buyer to estimate the net worth of the property and post-purchase cost for maintaining it in good condition.  In this backdrop, it may be quite apt to consider that REO’s are much safer option to buy.

Among other advantages, mention could be made to the fact that REO’s have clear titles.  Being free from liens they do not carry the risk of marrying other properties. REO taxes are already paid and its occupants have vacated the property chances of relocation mishaps do not arise.  In contemporary times, some lender banks have set up REO asset management department that is well adept in handling the marketing endeavors of their REO’s. Nowadays, REO exchanges are proving to be a busy trading hub which is giving the banks an opportunity to list their REO’s for a public offering.  These developments have not happened by chance. One of the reasons that could be attributed hinges on the complexities and hidden agendas of brokers in listing the REO’s of banks in the Multiple Listing Services.

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