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Can You Take Pets In The Senior Living Apartments?

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Moving into the senior apartments for rent in Fort Myers from your home can often be overwhelming. But finding out the fact that it is not possible to bring your pet to these apartments can be completely devastating. But with a little research, it is actually possible to find pet friendly senior living apartments. Although restrictions may limit this number, type and the size of animals that are allowed, in most of the cases, seniors are allowed to have their pets with you.

How pets are beneficial for the seniors:

As per the experts, seniors, who have pet dogs or cats live longer and they also have a happier and healthier life. Besides, the pets are also great for emotional and physical well being of the seniors. Apart from that, the pets also offer the scope to socialize with other people while offering the senior to socialize with other pet owners, helping them to stay active and giving them a complete sense of purpose. Not only that, having pets also help the seniors to focus on the things apart from that their own physical or health issues.

About finding pet-friendly senior living facilities:

These days, majority of the senior living communities recognize that the residents, who own pets are safer and more comfortable while their furry companions are with them. This is the reason why more and more communities are offering and encouraging pet ownership. Besides, there are even senior living apartments, which offer grooming and pet care facilities as the additional services.

Usually, the pet friendly senior living apartments allow medium to small sized dogs, cats and other small animals like fish and birds. Moreover, some of the senior living apartments also have community cats and dogs, which live on site. In some cases, these apartments also have pet chickens. But even the pet friendly senior living apartments have some set weight limits, need some fee or deposits or they cap the total number of pets, which are allowed.

Still when you search for a dog or cat friendly senior housing apartment, it is necessary to make sure that the apartment is designed to deal with the pets properly. So, while visiting a senior living apartment, here are the questions that you may ask about keeping pets:

  1. Whether the rooms of these apartments are big enough for pets?
  2. What are the rules of apartment regarding pets?
  3. Is it safe to take the cat or dog for walk?
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