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How to Choose the Best London Short Lets Property for Your Money

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Finding suitable properties to rent in London has always been extremely challenging due to the sheer size of the capital and the immense range of diversities within it. Newcomers to the city have the hardest time of all as they are unfamiliar with the less well-known districts on both sides of the Thames. However, there are various means to assist in finding the best short lets in London.


Before any search can begin, a prospective tenant needs to decide on the amount they can afford and how they can maximise its value. Location will probably be influenced by his or her workplace and the ease of connecting transport links. Close proximity to a vibrant nightlife is important to some, while quiet open spaces appeal to others. Then the most obvious place to start is the internet.

Lettings Agency

Every lettings agency or estate agent has a website packed with properties of all descriptions with short video clips to give a guided tour without actually visiting. This is fine to begin with, but eventually, locations are best checked out in person to get a sense of what the area is like. Many have Apps for use with iOS and Android formats for conducting a flexible search at any time.

Property Finding Review Sites

These use propriety algorithm technology to gather reviews on properties before testing the value packed features such as the strength of the power shower or the efficiency of the Wi-Fi connection. They provide a valuable quality guide on the properties and the landlords but can sometimes be slightly selective in their choice of subjects, preferring to concentrate on those at the top end of the market.

Read the Papers

Choice of location is going to be influenced by budget. Renting for a short term with a smaller allowance no doubt means looking for property in a less desirable area. But saving money on rent is not such good value if the surrounding streets turn out to have a terrible reputation. Local publications can give a valuable impression of a district by the stories of what it’s like to actually live there. Calling into nearby cafes or simply knocking on the neighbours’ doors to ask a few questions will also be a good guideline


Money Saving Tips

Having opted for a short-term property, there are still ways of getting good value on the rent. Check for a Tenancy Deposit Protection scheme that landlords are obliged to pay into. To recover a deposit when moving on, read the small print to find out the tenant’s obligations, such as using professional cleaning services and keep the receipt as proof. Errors of judgement can occur when choosing one of the short lets in London. If it turns out not to be the best value for money, it is at least soon brought to an end and there’s nothing like experience as a guide when choosing the next.


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