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How To Protect Your Furniture When Moving?

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Your furniture must be one of your biggest investments. Hence, when preparing for relocation, they should be handled with utmost preventive measure. Whether you decided to do the move by yourself or with the help of professionals, they should arrive to your new home clean and damage-free.

If you’re ready for the move, so should your furniture. Discover easy tricks and strategies from skilled removalists Campbelltown  in protecting your furniture throughout the process. Say no to ripped upholstery and broken glass furniture with these simple yet effect packing tips.

  1. Get your packing supplies ready.

Most homeowners would have the common packing supplies such as packing tape and cardboard boxes for the move. But hey, it’s 2017! You can check out several modern packing materials online or in your local shop or store that really work. Purchase additional items like bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap and mattress covers to secure a flawless move. 

  1. Disassemble furniture ahead of time

Dismantling furniture must be done in advance. Tables, bed and couches are only a few of those that you need to dismantle safely. Breaking them into parts or piece will make the move easier for you. Do it right and safe. Here are reminders when disassembling your furniture.

  • Review the owner’s manual for proper dismantling of the furniture.
  • Note the position of each piece using a marker or masking tape especially if the furniture has several pieces.
  • Secure screws and all other hardware pieces in a sealable plastic bag so you don’t misplace them.
  • Go slow with the drilling the screws. Observe the torque setting then lower it. Make sure to get the right size drill to fit.
  1. Make necessary preparations on the furniture

Dusting and cleaning are definitely part of the preparation. Before packing anything, remove debris and eliminate any unnecessary grime on the furniture. You don’t want to drag them to your new home, right? Therefore, make time for removing casters or any knobs. Pull out your drawers and pack all items in there. Doing this gives you extra storage space for the move.

  1. Study the proper way of wrapping furniture

You just don’t wrap any piece of furniture any way you like. Wrapping them should be done with the right knowledge and training. If you don’t know how, then make way to study and learn it. Packing tools like plastic sheeting and bubble wrap are made with a purpose. Plastic wrap for sofa and upholstery and bubble wrap for delicate wood pieces. Knowing how these things work gives you extra convenience on the process. Pay attention to fragile and delicate items like mirror and glass.

  1. Come up with a placement plan

Need to relocate from Sydney to Brisbane? That would be a long way to travel. With that, positioning your furniture in the truck is vital, thus, a placement plan is completely important. Each of your items must have a secured place inside the moving truck.

Professional removalists Sydney to Brisbane recommend to begin with filling the back part of the truck with boxes. Create a wall of boxes with similar size, packed and tightly sealed. Heavy boxes containing non-fragile items should be on the backend portion for added stability.

Either you’re moving or relocating, take note of these tips in mind especially if you’re moving for the first time. Secure your furniture and move them safely to your destination. Have a safe travel!

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