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Luxury properties in Italy as ideal set for many movie productions

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Italy is a natural movie set. Its particular beauty always inspires film makers to choose a location to shoot their movie. For example its long and great past gives the opportunity to find their ancient areas to make a period action film and have it be exciting as a contemporary one. For this reason even now especially American productions want to tell glorious history about ancient Rome. And who better than Italy, the home of Roman Empire, can offer this chance? Infact many years ago Cleopatra, the American movie about the famous egyptian queen, was shot here and recently Ridley Scott has chosen Italy as an ideal place to make his movie The Gladiator.

And then how can we forget the Fellini’s movie La Dolce Vita where Anita Ekberg took a bath in Trevi Fountain while she was playing with a great Italian actor Marcello Mastroianni? Mel Gibson chose Matera, a South Italian region, as set for his movie dedicated to Jesus’ story. Naples was always an ideal location for many Italian and foreign movies. For example we can remember Matrimonio all’italiana, a Vittorio de Sica’s movie, in which the female starring was Sophia Loren. Here Dino Risi shot his film Operazione San Gennaro in which the male starring was Nino Manfredi where it’s possible to see and understand Neapolitan customs and traditions, in particular their relationship with the famous St Gennaro.

Many luxury properties in historical roman center were ideal homes where many Hollywood scenes have been filmed here over the years. So especially foreign actors and directors fall in love with this wonderful country and buy luxury homes for sale in Italy. They usually want to buy a property to spend holidays during the summer or live for a short period during the year. They prefer staying at in Italian countryside where you can enjoy the beautiful nature and its great quiet. It’s very important to protect their privacy because the famous actors’ life is always disturbed by gossip photographers.

Their villas are amazing because you can find there a big swimming pool, a golf course, a tennis court and a big land where you can ride a horse. And then you can also find vineayards because foreign people love Italian wine and for this reason they often create big wine estates. They become entrepreneurs and export a good wine all over the world. So luxury real estate market is really good in Italy and agencies work here are so happy to take advantage of this opportunity and to capitalize on this chance.

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