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Mystic CT Real Estate Market Trends for 2018

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Have an accurate view of the real estate market situation in the area of influence of your property. When the Mystic CT Real Estate Broker prepares the appraisal of the real estate, it carries out a market study that gives the property a real positioning for its commercialization. The Broker will review the documentation of the property and will request the corresponding reports to the National Land Registry to assure the owner that the transaction can be carried out without inconvenience. The Broker will develop a marketing plan of the property, which will mean: armed with a presentation sheet of the property, poster placement, advertising on the Internet, publication in graphic media, the circularization of the offer to its network of contacts and the organization of guards and visits in the property.

Mystic CT goal is to achieve the best experience of SALE or RENT of real estate of our Clients, always in a safe, reliable and personalized way, guaranteeing the achievement of optimal results in each operation that is entrusted to us. The fact is that hiring an expert greatly reduces the possibility of being scammed. Do not get carried away by impulses and before signing any document request the services of a professional.

Buying a house is an important decision in anyone’s life as aforementioned. Not only because it means a great investment, but also because of all that has this encompassed on a personal and family level. Here lies the importance of being advised by an expert as it can make the difference between making a good purchase and being scammed.

Trends in the housing sector 2018 by Mystic CT

  1. Investment in colonial sites:

Currently, the exchange rate benefits the real estate business due to foreign investment in the development of projects in historical centers of cities and colonial places.

  1. Higher rents:

The business of the rents in the three main federal entities of the country advances and benefits the owners of the properties due to the change of the foreign currency. The growth of this type of business can go from 10% to 12% upwards, taking into account that vertical housing becomes relevant in the face of the need for a greater number of homes close to the work centers of the tenants.

  1. Winning States:

It is worth mentioning that this sector will increase its financing from 1.5 to 1.8 million pesos between now and April of next year, an action with which the institute seeks to reach new markets and motivate to people to use their credits, hoping that it is a factor that promotes new investments and greater demand. Mystic CT will show your offer and if it is not enough, through its links with the market, you can find the most convenient property for the buyer’s request.

Mystic CT may collaborate in the management of mortgage loans for their knowledge of the operation or their links with credit institutions. Received a reserve with counter-offer will seek a negotiating position that satisfies both parties – seller and buyer – in a win-win strategy.

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