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Tips for Buying a House in Perth

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Last year, buying a house in Perth has been one of the most recommended investments of property experts in Western Australia thanks largely to the 4.7 percent market slide in the real estate industry which resulted in cheaper housing prices. In a survey conducted by Momentum Wealth, it found out that approximately 41 percent of property investors are looking to buying home and other real estate investments in Perth over other capital cities in Eastern Australia.

With real estate prices crashing to their ultimate low in nearly a decade, it is most desirable for property investors’, especially new homeowners, to invest in real estate. Nonetheless, there are important aspects for potential homeowners to take into account before they decide to buy house. Perth also enables people to buy a property on the starter end of the market which is relatively more cost-efficient and can result in higher returns should the owner decide to sell in the future.

Here are some paramount factors and tips to give thought to prior to signing a buyer’s contract.

  1. Get The Basics Right

Among the most advantageous ways of buying a house is being able to get the fundamentals right. It is most recommended to look for properties that are close to a university, public transport, and shops to fully maximise your real estate investment. Most experts believe that potential homeowners should concentrate on places that are 25 to 35 kilometers near the city, which is the typical range where most renters want to live.

  1. Check The Location

Apart from researching area, industry professionals encourage home buyers to thoroughly make inspections in the buying area to find out the condition of the area and future structure of the home. As the experts, Homebuyers IQ will put you into Perth areas that are not prone to water damages, wiring faults, and other environmental hazards. This will ensure that the building is secure and free from danger. We can also but the buyer in touch with very talented architects to sketch out their ideal home at their ideal location.

  1. Evaluate Finances

Another aspect that is critical to the home buying process is being able to evaluate finances. It is appropriate to get a pre-approval from an established mortgage broker to assure that you are capable of applying for the amount you need to avoid further disappointment. For new home buyers, it is also advisable in some instance to have guarantors to get approved for a loan easily.

Buying A Home In Perth? Speak To An Expert Today!

To kick-off the process of purchasing a property, potential homebuyers should hire agents that will provide them with exclusive professional representation in Perth. Companies such as Homebuyers IQ have agents which represent both the buyer and the seller which help complete the real estate transaction as quickly as possible. Ordinarily, the five common phases in a successful property purchase in Perth include searching, financing, negotiating, contract of sales, and settlement. Get in touch with a Homebuyers IQ agent today to start your property purchasing process.

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