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What do you do when you want to buy neat properties in weird places?

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If you are like some people, you are always seeking adventure and you want to acquire unique things, whether they are cars, antiques, or properties. What do you do in this instance, especially if you want to buy neat and unique properties in a place as exotic and not well known as Malta?  Well, you turn to JK Properties. Our website and database have the most complete Malta property listings by JK Properties. You will be quite satisfied by our property listings and by our real estate services in general, and we will tell you why…

Our listings

While we are not unique in listing residential properties on our website, – every real estate company and brokerage in the world does that – we are unique because we list the properties that everyone, including you, looks for and wants. We have a team which is dedicated to constantly analyzing various property databases to determine which ones are hot on the market.  Those properties are then listed on our website.

Our properties

The properties listed on our website are properties that are both for sale and rent. They are the best properties in the prime and safest places in Malta and are priced at prices you can afford!  We keep price ranges and affordability in mind when we list properties because we realize that this a major factor which leads to closing deals, getting repeat business, and getting referrals.

The penthouse fit for a king…

One popular property listed for sale in the featured properties section of our website is a penthouse which is in Attar.  It has a plot size of 147 square meters and sells for 391,000 Euros.  It is newly built and new on the market for this reason – the complex which houses it is still partly under construction. It is a beautiful and modern looking property with a great view of Attar.  It has three great bedrooms, bathrooms, and an internal door.  Best of all, it is roomy and gives you the opportunity to come up with beautiful design plans in terms of interior design – note that this is increasingly rare in a space compacted Europe.

The penthouse has a spacious kitchen with the latest and most effective appliances that will make cooking an enjoyable breeze. It has a spacious dining room which is easy to decorate, therefore it is the perfect room to entertain guests in. It has a practical and spacious dining room which is perfect to relax in after a long day at work. It is easy to design making it an interior designers’ dream and the perfect place to accommodate and entertain guests in. it has a great terrace and overlooks a beautiful garden. Its bedrooms are designed in suite-style making fit for a king!

To conclude!

The property listed above is one of many that are featured on our website. We go to great lengths to make our property listings come to life with painstaking detail and vivid pictures which accurately depict and describe the interior and exterior of these properties, they do more than just inform you about properties…they entice you to buy them.

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