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Different Types of Rock Excavation Tools

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Rock Excavation is a common activity. In fact, there are companies that carry out rock excavation. You must be wondering what makes Sydney a sought after place for this activity. Well, geological studies have shown that subsurface rocks are very good for construction in this city in Australia. This makes rock excavation a common activity among builders. There are many builders who do sandstone rock excavation exclusively while others are into excavation and sawing. These companies are reliable as far as their services are considered.


Now you must be wondering what is rock excavation? Well, a typical definition of rock excavation would be excavating rocks with tools that cannot be generally used for excavation purposes. For contractors, rock excavation is a challenging task. A lot of techniques are used for rock excavation. These techniques are not just limited to blasting. Techniques of rock Excavation include hammering, trenching and ripping. The technique is decided based on how much the rock has weathered, what is the degree of fracture that it has undergone and what is the strength of the rock. Blasting is considered to be the easiest and most convenient way for rock excavation. But sometimes due to regulatory limitations, this technique is not applied. Choosing the most effective way of rock excavation decides how well you will be able to execute your project.

Types Of Tools For Rock Excavation

Rock excavation tools help to disintegrate the rock and remove the rock from the boreholes and tunnels. There are four basic mechanisms involved in rock excavation: fusion and vaporization, chemical reaction, thermal spalling and mechanical pressure. There are specific tools that are used for rock excavation in Sydney:

Drilling Systems: These tools are used for thermal spalling. Forced flame drills heat the rocks from 370 degrees to 540 degree Celsius to create thermals stresses in the rock. It is from these stresses that the rock falls apart. Drills are also used for melting and vaporization techniques. Lasers and electron beams are used to melt and vaporize the rocks.

Down-Hole Motors: These down-hole motors are advanced drilling systems. High-Speed down-hole turbines and positive displacement motors are used to get high drilling rates. Geothermal turbo-drills are great for hot and dry rock disintegration. These are advanced drilling methods that will increase the speed of drilling fourfold.

Advanced TBM Cutters: Tooth or DSK rollers are utilized by tunnel boring machines to break rocks. Due to its size, TBM or mining machines two to four times more magnitude of rocks.

High-Pressure Jet Drilling System: High-Pressure jet drilling systems operate at 10000 to 20000 pound per square inch. These have the power to drill two to three times faster than conventional drills.

These are some of the tools that are used in the present times for rock excavation in Sydney. These are extremely effective in breaking the rock that forms the core of rock excavation activity.

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