Wednesday, June 16, 2021


3 Boat Maintenance Tips

Whether you are a boating enthusiast or just like to casually cruise the lake, it is important to keep your boat in good condition. Consider incorporating these three boat maintenance tips into your maintenance plan.

  1. Clean Your Boat

You can prevent many problems by regularly cleaning your boat. Washing and waxing the hull of your boat regularly can help prevent oxidation and protect your fiberglass gel coat. Cleaning the interior canvas and upholstery can help prevent mold and mildew growth. Regularly cleaning your bilge can make it easier to spot leaks that can lead to clogged bilge pumps.

  1. Dry Your Boat

Boats are made to get wet, but leaving them wet for extended periods after use is not a good idea. Any kind of moisture can lead to waterline stains, but it is particularly important to promptly dry your boat if you have been using it in saltwater because it can corrode boat components. Even morning dew can encourage mildew to grow, so be sure to wipe your boat dry anytime you spot moisture on it and check it regularly when being stored.

  1. Take Your Boat in for Regular Maintenance

You should have a professional inspect and perform maintenance on your boat any time you notice a problem and at the beginning of every season. Replace worn-out components regularly with quality parts, such as Attwood replacement parts and make sure all of your fluids are replaced and topped off as needed.

Your boat can provide you with many years of enjoyment if you take the proper steps to maintain it. Many issues can be prevented with proper maintenance and others can be fixed more easily and economically when addressed early. Incorporating these three maintenance tips into your regular maintenance routine can help you keep your boat in good running order.

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