Wednesday, June 16, 2021


3 Great Curb Appeal-Boosting Tips for Your Commercial Property

Looking to attract new customers to your business? If your business occupies a commercial space, it’s important to ensure that customers receive a great first impression. Some of the rules of residential curb appeal can also apply to your commercial property. Here are three things you should do to impress your customers and add curb appeal to your business.

  1. Refresh Paved Surfaces

Give your guests a safe, stable parking area and walkways by upgrading your paved surfaces. Whether you need a complete replacement or some simple repairs, you need a professional pave Yorktown Heights NY. You can also consider upgrading to a non-slip surface on your walkways to prevent any liabilities, allowing your guests and employees to navigate your walkways safely.

  1. Improve the Lighting

A commercial space needs adequate lighting for guests and employees alike to safely navigate the property. You may not need to completely replace your exterior lighting fixtures to make sure that your parking lot and walkways are well-lit. A simple yet effective change is to swap out the current bulbs with LED bulbs. You can also customize the temperature of the light – for example, bright white LED bulbs are great for parking areas, while warm white 2700K bulbs are best for highlighting landscaping, exterior walls and other special features.

  1. Enliven the Landscaping

Nothing softens a bland commercial space quite like some updated landscaping. Add some color, texture and visual interest by creating planting areas throughout the property, and fill them with a combination of blooming annuals and shrubbery. If you don’t have a large area to landscape, install some planter boxes filled with blooms near your main entry to greet guests with a warm welcome.

Remember that in the world of business, appearances are important. Follow these tips and you’ll attract the right attention from potential customers, enticing them to stop and take a closer look at all your business has to offer.

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