Wednesday, June 16, 2021


3 Lifestyle Changes That Help Fight Depression

Everyone gets a little sad sometimes, but for many Americans, those low spirits don’t fade. Depression affects around 9 percent of the population, causing millions of citizens to experience symptoms like low self-esteem, lack of energy, loss of concentration and declining levels of excitement and interest. The illness often leaves individuals feeling hopeless, but in fact depression is a treatable condition. Some find relief from prescription medication, although lifestyle changes also have proven to make a difference. Here are some of the ways to overcome depression.

Be Active

You may not feel like getting up and about, but try to push through those feelings and engage in exercise. Studies have shown that exercising helps to relieve the symptoms of depression, and despite the physical activity, leaves an individual with more energy and less fatigue.

Take Up a Hobby

Hobbies help people to uncover hidden talents, manage stress and refocus thoughts in a meaningful way. Gardening, swimming and dancing are great ways to improve one’s mood, while artistic endeavors like writing and playing an instrument offer a valuable sense of accomplishment through creative expression. Others, meanwhile, find comfort in the excitement and challenge of collecting. It’s a hobby that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, as the Internet allows individuals to buy original art online, trade out-of-print comic books and search for rare coins and stamps.

Improve Your Diet

It is said that you are what you eat, and when an individual consumes large quantities of junk food, it can cause he or she to feel like garbage. Alcohol, caffeine, trans fats and sugary foods all may negatively impact one’s mood and brain functions. Instead of consuming them, focus your diet on foods high in vitamin B like eggs, beans, citrus fruit and leafy vegetables. Some species of fish, like salmon, tuna and herring, also are recommended for being rich in mood-stabilizing omega-3 fatty acids.

Depression may leave an individual feeling desperate, but it’s far from a death sentence. Implementing these three tips will help to improve mood, increase energy and assist the healing process.

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