Wednesday, June 16, 2021


5 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring an Extermination Service

So you need professional extermination services. You’re convinced that you can’t solve the problem yourself, and that seeking professional help is the only way to do it.

You know that no matter how many pest control tips you educate yourself with, you don’t really want to take a chance and you want to be 100% sure about your family’s safety.

So where do you begin? Of course you need to first narrow down your options to the ones that actually serve your area, but beyond that, how will you choose? What questions must you ask before deciding on a particular service provider? For starters, ask the following:

  1. How easy are you to contact and deal with?

This is a service that you will be paying for, so you want a provider that is easy to contact from the get-go. Do they have a toll free hotline that you can call from your location? If you’re dealing with an emergency, can you contact them anytime during the day, and any day during the week? Can you reach them through other means like social media?

  1. What animal, pests, or insects can you exterminate?

You want a company that can exterminate a good variety of animals, insects, and pests, because that means they really have the breadth of experience. You can’t really control what threats you’re dealing with, so it’s best to go for a company with enough room to adjust. From skunks and pigeons to fruit flies and hornets, there’s no limit to what you can face so your service provider should have that flexibility as well.

  1. Do you deal with subcontractors?

They can advertise that they’re such a great and credible company, and then leave subcontractors to deal with your problem. Go for a company that will deal with you directly, and who can vouch for the credibility of every single one of their employees. You want professionals that have been trained in pest control and who can really do the job that they’re promising they can do, so this is a valid and important question for you to ask.

  1. Are you qualified for the job?

You can ask how many years they’ve been in the business, what associations they belong to, and even ask past customers on what they think of the company’s services. The bottom line is you want them to establish their credibility in your eyes, proving that you can really trust them. Some certifications and memberships should be from authority institutions like the Quebec Department of the Environment, the Canadian Pest Management Association, The Association des propriétaires du Québec (APQ), and Health Canada.

  1. How much will you charge me?

The amount that you will eventually pay will of course depend on the extent of your problem and many other factors, but this is an important question to ask. A free quote at the beginning would definitely help.