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Citizenship by Investment Programs to Consider in 2018

Naturalization can be extremely hard to come by, especially nowadays, but with the right guidance and recommendation you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Citizenship by Investment Overview

Citizenship by Investment also referred to as CBI, is a basically the process where individuals who are usually wealthier, can obtain a second citizenship in selected countries, in exchange for an investment. It’s the legal practice of making an investment commonly in real estate and in return the investor will be granted the citizenship and passport of that country.

Some Citizenship by Investment programs can be difficult to issue, depending on what nationality you are and what program the investor will apply to. If you have a clean background and provide the funds to make the significant financial investment to that particular country, then citizenship can be issued to the investor within a few months or in some cases sooner.

So what makes a Citizenship by Investment program good? Well, it needs to meet a few criteria. The process of issuance must be relatively fast taking no more than 6 months, it should be organised and structured allowing a steady flow without any hick-ups, and of course it must be legal.

Citizenship by Investment Programs


Cyprus is of course a member of the European Union and offers one of the fastest naturalizations in under 4 months on certain occasions. Upon approval, investors are granted citizenship and a visa-free travel to all of Europe. To acquire Cyprus citizenship you need to make an investment of €2 million in real estate, government bonds, a bank deposit in a Cyprus bank, or an investment in a new company.

The Cyprus CBI program is one of the most expensive programs available now but the perks that come with it are attractive and worthwhile. If you feel that return of your capital is important, then this program is definitely the one to look at. However, you must own a €500,000 home on the island forever but are not entitled to live in it, as long as you maintain some kind of presence according to the Cyprus government.

Cyprus in general has become a hotspot for development especially in the most recent years, due to the many foreign investors going to the island and investing in businesses or real estate within the island. The verdict is that Cyprus a great place to get your EU citizenship because the opportunity to profit from your investment is also available. If you plan to start a low-tax company in the millions of euros or buy a luxury villa, then consider applying via SkyPrime Group to get your Cyprus Citizenship by Investment at the newly named Cyprus Investment Program. This company will help you with your application and provide an easy way to your Cyprus Citizenship by giving you the option of purchasing one luxurious property under one investment. They will assure that your application will be approved in no time.

St. Kitts and Nevis

The Caribbean island of St. Kitts and Nevis has the first and original CBI program since 1984, and is still among the easiest countries to acquire citizenship due to the low price of CBI and minimum residential requirements. The CBI program here has been updated over time to keep it relevant.

Citizenship here grants the investor access to a world of discreet banking, zero income tax and no residency requirements. The real estate investment is $200,000 or more, and applications can take under 2 months to be approved on specific occasions. Among other perks, this CBI program also grants visa-free travel to Russia.


This E.U member state, is situated in south-eastern Europe and is located between neighbouring countries Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and many more. It’s a very popular and quite economical tourist destination and Budapest is one of the most attractive cities in Europe so it has potential to intrigue foreign investors.

The Hungarian citizenship might not seem as appealing as one for the UK or Germany for example, however it’s good to note that the Hungarian passport has the exact same benefits of those countries. As regards visa-free entry, you have access to over 170 nations worldwide and the opportunity to work and live anywhere in Western Europe for as long as you want.

For a minimum of €75,000 you will cover all the processing fees for your passport and national identity card and you will be granted this in approximately 3 months.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia offers the newest Citizenship by Investment in the Caribbean. The real estate investment in St. Lucia will cost a minimum of $300,000 or you could choose the donation for citizenship route, with a donation option of just $100,000 only. The time for approval can take up to 6 months before citizenship is granted.

Some of the benefits of a St. Lucia citizenship are that you will have access to St. Lucia’s discreet banks and low taxation, you will have right to residency in most of the Caribbean Community member states at any time and for any duration, and you will have visa-free access to 121 countries worldwide.


Of course there are citizenship programs that are off the shelf, but we urge everyone showing interest in these programs to steer away from them and make sure these are legal in every way. Note that any legal citizenship program should be referenced in that country’s or state’s laws.

Furthermore, there are more Citizenship by Investment programs, so do your due diligence and discern which one is the right one for you, how it will serve you and if it suits your needs.

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