Wednesday, June 16, 2021


How to Keep Your House From Becoming an Ice Cube

Keeping your house warm in the winter is an ongoing battle, and it usually ends with you curled up in blankets on the couch, too frustrated to check the thermostat again. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Take these steps before the next cold season to ensure that your house stays warm even as temperatures drop.

Have Your Heating System Inspected

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are all linked, so if you have problems with your AC in the summer, it’s likely that your heat is also compromised. Have an HVAC specialist inspect your system to see if there’s an issue with your ducts or your Armstrong pumps Ontario.

Check Your Insulation

If your HVAC system is in good condition, then your heating problem isn’t mechanical. Check the insulation throughout your house to see if it’s ripped or missing. For areas where drywall covers your insulation, feel the corners of each wall for drafts. If you find that one room is particularly chilly, its insulation is probably ineffective. This is especially true in older houses, which were made with cheaper materials than modern insulation, which remains effective for up to 80 years.

Use Alternative Heating Methods

After taking these steps, if your house is still cold, invest in alternative heating methods. Consider installing a wood-burning stove and using it to pump hot air into your upstairs during winter nights. For more isolated issues, purchase space heaters. Make sure to read all the manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the risk of a fire.

Being cold in the winter is never fun, but it’s particularly annoying when you’re inside your house. Keep the holidays merry and the long winter evenings relaxing by taking these actions over the summer. When winter comes, you’re ready to stay cozy without breaking a sweat.

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