Wednesday, June 16, 2021


How to Upgrade Your Home on a Budget

Are you tired of the way your home looks? Do you feel ready for a change, but you aren’t sure you have the money to do anything significant? Here are a few tips for refreshing your home without spending too much money.

Change up one wall

An accent wall can completely change the feel of a room. It can be painted in a bright hue or covered with artwork that reflects your style. Or you can get affordable canvas prints and turn your own pictures into gorgeous artwork that looks far more expensive than it actually is.

Redoing just one wall is more cost effective than trying to redo an entire room, yet it can have a very refreshing look. Just make sure that the paint or artwork you use complements the rest of the room and your house.

Get new curtains

Don’t underestimate the power of window treatments to change everything about your space. This is a simple and relatively inexpensive move that can make the room look dramatically different.

One of the great things about window treatments is the variety of options you have. Whether you want floor-length curtains in bright patterns, light and sheer covers, or blinds that give you the ultimate privacy, it’s not hard to find window treatments that will do just what you need.

Upgrade the little things

So you can’t afford new cabinets, but can you afford a few new cabinet knobs? You may be stuck with your old sink, but can you afford to replace the faucet? Making small changes to the hardware of your kitchen and bathroom can do more than you think.

New pulls, handles, faucets, and knobs can add interest, depth, and layers to the decor you already have. You can choose eclectic accents that come together to make an impressive statement or match everything carefully in a way that brings balanced symmetry to the space.

Get new bedding

A simple way to upgrade your bedroom is to change up the bedding. If you’ve been living with the same set of sheets and quilts for a while, consider getting a duvet and something a bit brighter and lighter.

The bedroom should be a cozy and welcoming space, but it should also be cheerful. Studies show that we sleep very well in white sheets, but by adding a little pop of color in the form of a throw or accent pillow, you can make the bed uniquely yours.

Throw in an accent rug

Accent rugs can be very inexpensive, yet they’re an amazing way to define a space or add warmth, depth, or interest to an otherwise drab room. They can also be used to bring together otherwise disparate elements, like curtains and the couch, or paintings and bedding.

With an accident rug, it doesn’t just matter what it looks like but also where you place it. If you place your rug diagonal to the furniture, you draw the eye to it and give the impression of movement. This makes the room more visually interesting.

Rearrange the furniture

Sometimes the simplest changes are actually the most profound. You can do a lot for your space just by rearranging the furniture. In fact, turning the room around in this way can make it seem like you have a whole new space.

When you change up the furniture, be sure to consider a few things. You want the room to be functional, so don’t swap pieces in a way that creates obstacles for free movement. You also want to keep a “focal point” to the room. That means one piece of furniture or decoration should be central.

You can make your home feel like a brand new place with just a few adjustments. It will take a bit of creativity and work on your part — but what it won’t take is a lot of money.

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