Wednesday, June 16, 2021


When Do You Need Professional Decontamination Services?

A healthy, well-rounded life begins with a healthy and happy home. We safeguard the health of our loved ones as much as we possibly can, because nobody wants to have to deal with the pains of being sick. So when there are threats that we can prevent and lessen, we might as well do so. This is why it’s good to know which professional decontamination companies to call and when.

Think about it. Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary that envelops your family with safety and care. But, if you’re not careful, it can contain even more threats than the outside. A recent study shows that indoor air pollution can just be as deadly (or even deadlier) than outdoor air, and this is why you need professionals to help you out.

There are many instances when you would need professional decontamination services, because there are many threats that could be lurking inside our home. Here are a few of them:

Mold infestations

Mold and mildew can grow in many places inside your home, and this could really affect your indoor air quality. While a little mold is harmless, when it spreads and becomes an infestation, you’ll be dealing with a lot of health issues that could affect your family and home’s infrastructure well into the future.

Rodent infestations

Nobody wants to see (or hear) mice running around their homes. Aside from the fact that these little rodents can make even the bravest of humans a little jumpy, this is definitely a sign of contamination.

They leave their droppings everywhere, and this can attract even more mice and other pests like bedbugs and fleas, easily making this infestation ten times worse.

Raccoon infestations

Raccoon feces can be very harmful to your health, and it’s not something you can easily control and remove. For one, you don’t really know the extent of where the raccoons have left their droppings, and some of the dangers can be microscopic. You need to hire a professional to remove the raccoons, decontaminate your home, and block all possible points of entry.

Bat infestations

Bats can hang out in your attic and, when they do, you would want full extermination and decontamination. Bats can spread viral diseases through their saliva and droppings, and to add to that, there’s microbial decontamination that you need to think about.

Bats are tricky to deal with, and this is why you need to contact professionals who know how to handle them as soon as you possibly can.

Pigeon infestations

Pigeon poop contains all kinds of bacteria and viruses that can be transmitted to humans. Whether by direct contact or by inhalation, what you need to remember here is that the transfer often happens on a microscopic level. The health risks are definitely there, so you need to get the help of professionals.

Hoarder cleaning

Cleaning is necessary, and not just because of various contaminations from pests. When you have a tendency to hoard things, or you have a family member that has a hoarding problem, professional cleaners will truly come in handy.

Knowing when to call in decontamination professionals is essential for safeguarding the health of you home and family.