Wednesday, June 16, 2021


3 Home Problems You Should Never Disregard

You love your home, but it is not perfect. Sometimes there are oddities such as floors that creak or windows that are difficult to shut, but those are things you can live with. Some quirks your home may develop do not add character to the building and can, in fact, be harmful to your health or the life of your house. Here are four home problems you should never disregard.

1. Drooping Floors

Homes settle after they are built because the weight of the building compresses the soil. Sometimes it is uneven, but often the settling causes minor problems. When the building’s floors begin to droop, cracks appear in the walls near doors or windows, or ceilings start to sag, your home may have a serious structural issue, and it’s time to call a certified home inspector to tell you what is happening.

2. Unsightly Mold

The world is filled with mold spores because more than 100,000 types are floating around in the air at any given moment. When a spore lands on a damp surface inside your home, a colony can begin to grow. Once the growth becomes visible, there are thousands of parts in the cluster. Don’t let the mold continue to grow until it blooms and sends out thousands more spores. Instead, clean the area thoroughly, or call in a mold team to do it for you.

3. Cracking Foundation

Harmless cracks may appear in your home’s foundation as it ages; however, when the cracks turn into fissures or begin to crumble, it is time to contact the local foundation repairs technician to help you save your home. Water and pests can easily enter the big gaps and cause severe damage to the building.

The issues listed here are serious and should never be ignored. If you keep your house safe with these repairs, your home will keep you warm all winter long.

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