Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Commercial Staging: Useful Things to Know and Tips to Use

There has been a lot of talk about home staging and all the benefits it has. It makes the home more presentable, it helps sell the place faster, and it helps potential buyers see the best features of the home and how they can be useful. In fact, research shows that staged homes are sold three times faster than homes that are not staged. And they are sold for better prices too.

So, if home staging is so beneficial and necessary, does the same apply for commercial spaces too? An office space, for instance? Should sellers stage their office space, and if so, what are the best tips that will help them do a perfect job. Yes, office staging is a thing, it is needed, and it is a recommended strategy for sellers. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Create a Functional Space

Some parts of a home need to reflect functionality, like the kitchen, for instance. Well, just like you would pay attention to functionality in the home, you should also show functionality when staging an office space too. If the office space you plan to sell is an open space, you can show its potential by presenting to buyers the options for cubicles or modular furniture pieces. These will create private corners for workers that can be extremely functional. This mainly depends on who comes to look at the space. This takes us to the next important tip.

Stage the Space in Accordance With the Buyer or Tenant

Knowing who will come to check out the space is a big bonus. It is beneficial to know the type of person, or even better – the type of industry they work in. Once you have this info, you can make sure the space is staged with the targeted person on your mind.

When staging the space, you need to make sure that the buyer or renter is able to visualize the space for their commercial and office needs. It would be best if you showed the potential but still leave some space for their imagination of how the space is supposed to look. For example, if the industry is a type that receives clients daily – stage a reception area that would be extremely useful for them.

Consider the General Goals and Rules of Staging

When you prepare the office space don’t forget to always have in mind the general goals of staging. These include:

  • When people come to check out the place, make sure that you show them that it is in top-quality condition and it is a great deal for them in more than one aspect. If you manage to get there – your office space will be off the market in no time.
  • Make sure that the entire office space is visually appealing. This means the entire space needs to be squeaky clean, neatly organized, and properly decorated.
  • And last but definitely not least – you need the potential buyer or tenant to picture themselves and their employees working there. The office space you offer should be the office space where their business will grow, and everyone working there will be satisfied with what the place offers and will be productive and successful.

Think About Exterior Too

Sure, we have already established the importance of the office interior, but you shouldn’t forget the exterior. It sells the place too. The curb appeal can make or break the deal, just like the interior can.

Start with the parking lot. It needs to be clean, and all the parking spots need to be neatly marked. The rest may not be in your control, but if it is – make sure it is presentable and appealing. Do as much as you possibly can – it is worth the effort and time.

Consider Virtual Staging as a Viable Option

Virtual staging is an excellent option to present the office space you try to sell or rent without making any significant changes or costs before-hand. You can simply hire a commercial staging service that will create a functional, neat and organized space in no time. You will surely leave a great first impression since most people look for their next office space on the internet mostly.

Virtual stagers will create excellent photos of your space that will include furniture pieces, décor pieces, and any cubicles you may see fit and post them online for anyone interested to see. Remember, we mentioned above that visual appeal means a lot, and there is no better way to perfect it.

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