Wednesday, June 16, 2021


Public Restrooms and the Pandemic

Even with large gatherings limited, people are still finding ways to get together in safe numbers and groups. This means they’re still renting event spaces, buying catered food, and using mobile restroom trailers. The key is to stay cautious, but how can people keep clean and safe when using a public bathroom? It’s not quite as difficult as it sounds. If people know what to be aware of and properly sanitize their hands after using the restroom, they can greatly reduce their odds of getting sick.

What to Do

When someone flushes a toilet, germs and bacteria from excrement are sent into the air and can potentially infect other people. In public restrooms where lots of people are using the restroom and flushing during the day, this can lead to an increased potential to contract diseases, such as COVID-19. The best way to stop this spread, is by flushing with the lid down, if possible. Closing the toilet lid can help keep these germs from escaping and entering the air or settling on surfaces. Although not all public restrooms are contactless, you can do your best to avoid touching surfaces with your hands. This will drastically decrease the number of germs that can be transferred to your hands. When you open a door or flush a toilet, try to use a paper towel or some toilet paper as a barrier between the surface and your hand. Another option to help yourself stay safe is to try to wait at least two minutes after someone leaves the bathroom or stall to use it yourself. This gives the germs time to disperse or die before you need to use the space. 

The pandemic has caused changes to how we think about health, but if you remember these tips you can still enjoy normal activities.

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