Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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3 Tips for Moving Without Losing Your Security Deposit

Moving out of a rented home usually means bigger and better things are coming your way. However, before you can enjoy your new place, you’ll have to get things settled at your current rental. Tenants often worry about whether they will be able to get their security deposit back once they’ve moved out. While laws and lease terms vary, there are three ways to have the best chance at recouping the money your landlord is holding back.

Give Your Landlord Notice

When you signed your lease, you likely agreed to give a certain number of days’ notice when you moved out. You must comply with those terms to receive your money back, so let your landlord know as soon as you find a new place. Sometimes, you will forfeit your deposit if you break your lease early, but letting your landlord know your intentions with plenty of time to turn the place over can help you argue for an exception.

Move Big Items Carefully

Even the most meticulous tenant can jeopardize the security deposit if walls and floors are damaged while moving furniture or appliances. Take your time moving heavy, bulky items, and use helpful aids like hand trucks or small spring loaded casters to safely transport items without scratching the floors.  

Restore to the Original Condition

While regular wear and tear is expected, you are obligated to turn the property over in roughly the same condition you received it. For instance, you’ll need to fill nail holes where you hung pictures or repaint rooms to a neutral color. Your landlord isn’t expecting the place to look brand new, but it must be clean and free from any damage or changes you made while living there.

Knowing the ways to get your original security deposit back will put a little extra cash in your pocket and make your next adventure more enjoyable.

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