Friday, July 30, 2021

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3 Ways To Save an Old Swimming Pool

Owning a house with a swimming pool can be a great experience. They are great to have as a physical fitness option. For a family with kids, the pool can be a source of entertainment all summer long. Lots of home buyers look for houses with swimming pools, but they can be turned off when a pool is not in good shape. If you are looking to sell a house with an old swimming pool, or you just purchased one, and are not sure how to restore it, read on. We have some tips for you.

1. Clean the Pool Deck

Most pool decks are made from poured concrete, which is porous and can get dirty very quickly. If the main problem with your pool area is discolored concrete or mold and mildew growing on the deck, a good clean should take care of that. A pressure washer gets deep into the concrete, blasting out and dirt and making it look like new. For stubborn stains, you can use a cleaner and a stiff brush to get the discoloration out.

2. Get Your Pool Renovated

When people hear the words swimming pool renovation Missouri, they imagine that they will have to tear out their old pool and install a new one. However, renovations can be as simple as resurfacing the pool interior to installing tile to make the pool more visually appealing. Contact a professional to see what your options are.

3. Check the Filter

If the problem you are experiencing with your pool is green or dirty water, chances are there is an issue with the pool filter. Have a professional inspect it. It could need a repair or a full replacement, but without a properly functioning filter, your pool is unusable.

Having a swimming pool is a lot of fun and once you get it looking its best, you’ll never want to get out.

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