Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Considerations for Your Long-Distance Relocation to California

California, a state known for its entertainment, wine and sunshine. It can be such an exciting adventure to move there. When preparing for your big move, it can feel like moving to another planet; however, many things can be done to ease your big move. Consider these tips as you look to take on your long-distance relocation to California.

Apartment Hunting

As you are looking to make your big transition, consider an apartment instead of buying a home. While homeownership will give you a sense of permanence, you don’t want to be stuck somewhere where you’ve had little exposure and experience. Instead consider an apartment rental La Crescenta CA so that you have time to learn more about California before permanently settling down.

DMV Processing

As you turn into a permanent resident of sunny California, whether you have an apartment or you own a home, you will need to contact the DMV. Don’t forget that you are now a Cali resident, and you need to notify several entities of this change to update your driver’s license, voter registration, etc.

Mail Forwarding

In your big move, don’t forget to forward your mail. This is critical to ensure that you receive all of your bills and mailings to ensure that there isn’t a lapse in your payments or important notices.


Consider creating a checklist of all of the items that you need to consider in your big transition. There will be a lot to remember as you prepare for your move, so take some time to list all of your obligations so you don’t forget something like notifying all of your relevant accounts.

Moving to sunny California may be everything that you are hoping for. As you look to make this big adjustment, make sure that you can do so with as little stress as possible by preparing properly and knowing what is necessary to get ready.

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