Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Do You Need to Shovel Your Roof?

If you live in an area where it snows heavily each year, you might be wondering if you need to shovel the snow off your roof or not. Whether or not you need to will depend on how much it snows and what the angle of your roof is like. Below are a couple of ways to figure out whether you need to shovel your roof or not.

Find Out How Much Snow Your Roof Can Handle

Not all roofs are made in the same way. Depending on the angle of your roof, your roof will be able to take on a certain amount of snow before it will become damaged. While you could do a whole lot of complicated math to figure out what your roof’s snow load limit is, it’s typically much easier to use an online snow load calculator. Simply fill out the required information to get an estimate of how much snow your roof can handle. Of course, make sure to shovel before your roof hits its limit!

Watch for Melting or Sliding Snow

If your roof is angled enough and made of a slippery enough material (metal roofs work well), then the snow might take care of itself. This is because, on slanted metal roofs, when snow begins to melt, it will slide right off the roof! This makes it so you do not need to shovel as often. However, you still may need to shovel if you get a lot of snow in a short period of time (before the snow has a chance to melt). If you have a slanted roof, you may want to hire a professional to shovel, rather than risk falling when you do it yourself.

Do these two things when you are trying to figure out whether or not to shovel your roof. Remember, if you decide to shovel on your own, try to have someone around as a spotter and to make sure to be as careful as possible!

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