Friday, July 30, 2021

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From Listed to Sold: 3 Steps to Home Selling Success

Looking to sell your property? Whether you are flipping a house or selling your home, knowing how to get the best price matters. As you get ready to sell, make the necessary updates, know your value and get your house staged.   

Necessary Updates  

Before any sale takes place, a buyer is going to have it inspected. During a home inspection, the inspector will have a list of items that they will look at before signing off on the house. As you go through your house, take the time to check each area for any problematic signs that you want to take care of quickly. If the buyer is getting a bank or VA loan, there are some different standards, so be sure to double-check both to ensure a quick sale.   

Knowing Your Value  

Once your house is in shape to sell, you need to know the value. Knowing this number will help you figure out how much you can list for when creating your pricing. Start by getting a professional home evaluation Kelowna BC. The evaluation will tell you the actual value of your house. Then look at other house prices in your neighborhood. You can compare other homes with similar amenities and features to help set your selling price.   


Finally, before any buyers come into your home, you want to clean it and stage it. Staging your house may be the most important step in the selling process. This step allows buyers to see how they can transform your house into their forever home. As you start staging, be sure to include both the outside and inside. Additionally, try to keep to a minimalist design; this allows the buyer to imagine their furniture in the space.   

Once you make the necessary updates, get an evaluation and stage your house, you will be surprised how quickly your home will sell.  

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