Friday, July 30, 2021

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How to Reduce Machine Breakdowns in 4 Steps

When you invest in new machines for your company, you want them to last a long time. After all, each loan or down payment is a big financial risk for you, and you don’t want your money to go to waste. Take these steps to keep your equipment in top condition.

1. Invest in Filters

Filters purify the air before it enters your machines, cutting down on the particulates that build up on your equipment’s inner gears. Whether you need Donaldson compressed air filters or pre-cut pads, don’t skip this step, or you risk your machines breaking down early from sediment deposits.

2. Inspect Machines Daily

Before you begin production each day, inspect every machine. Look for missing screws, fuel spills, and signs of overheating, such as melting or smoking. These inspections take time, but they reduce the number of unnecessary repairs you have to pay for.

3. Prioritize Cooling

Many machines quickly become overheated, particularly if they run at high speeds. As the different components of each machine spin, they create friction, which generates too much heat for your machine to function well. Purchase the manufacturer’s recommended coolant for each machine, and keep fans running in your workspace to prevent heat from building up around machines.

4. Train Your Employees

Most preventable breakages occur because someone used a machine incorrectly. Whenever you hire new employees, give them a thorough training in all the machines they need to use. Then, supervise their work until you are confident that they know how to use each machine. If you have lots of equipment, place a sheet with reminders and special instructions next to each one.

To make your budget stretch as far as possible, you need to take good care of your machines. These four guidelines help you prevent breakdowns and save money on repairs.

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