Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Real Estate

Marketing Real Estate to High-End Buyers

Selling a home that’s around $100,000 or $200,000 requires basic, marketing skills for the general population. When you’re working on a property that’s worth millions of dollars, however, your clientele is much more particular and smaller in size. Learn how the professionals market high-end homes to the few who can afford them without a blink of an eye.

Expanding the Listing

When it comes to a luxury real estate marketing plan, the property can’t be simply placed on a standard, MLS listing. High-end customers expect more from these properties and their representatives. Create a dedicated website for the property. The site should have dozens of photos, comprehensive amenity lists and other details. Each page must be easy to navigate as potential clients look through the information. Be aware that your property is competing with similar homes that may have flashier websites.

Getting Drones Involved

One of the newest ways that high-end properties are being advertised is through drone footage. Real-estate agents fly a drone over a home and its surrounding property. The device captures footage of the home that’s normally hidden from view, such as a distinct pool design. Concerns over rooftops and hard-to-reach areas aren’t questioned anymore because the drone images answer the queries before they come to mind. The high-flying footage also makes the listing or website stand out as buyers move from property to property.

Brochures That Send a Message

You may be wary about using a basic brochure for a luxurious listing, but it’s actually a clever idea when it’s done right. Rather than using paper or cardboard, silk stock is available. Exquisite photos and text line these brochures that stand out as statements about the property. The material alone tells potential buyers that a home is worth a second glance. Because the brochure feels good in the hands, people remember the property and seek it out on the next road trip.

Personalized Service

As a real-estate agent, you can’t treat your high-end clients in the same manner as everyday buyers. Properties costing millions of dollars are still major investments for any person. These clients must be handled with extreme care. Offer coffee, lunch or an afternoon meeting to each client so that they feel at ease with your selling process. You’re essentially building a relationship with these clients to ultimately transfer the property to their names.

If your clients have an eye on a certain property, it’s time to be proactive about a sale. Some luxury homes aren’t officially put on the market. Offering the owners a bid in an appropriate manner might seal the deal. Be persistent about your clients’ investment needs, and that dream home can be theirs today.