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Taking Care of Your Back: Preventing Pain and Staying Strong

A chronically sore back can be extremely debilitating and greatly interfere with your quality of life. In addition to continuous discomfort, you may experience limited mobility, difficulty sitting for extended periods of time, and difficulty sleeping. Here are some of the most effective strategies for coping with chronic back pain that should be your part of your action plan to combat pain before resorting to surgery or prescription medications.

Replace Your Mattress

An old mattress won’t give your back the support that it needs to stay strong and healthy. Over time, the structural integrity of a mattress will become compromised, and it may stop supporting your back where you most need it. If you’re interested in upgrading your mattress, make it a point to see a retailer who features some of the newest and most advanced mattresses. If you’re shopping for a Casper mattress North Charleston SC, visit a dealer who can show you a display product and offer competitive pricing.

Walk Every Day

Failing to walk over the course of your day can cause your lower back to become very weak and also stiff. While these symptoms can start off mild, they can worsen over time and lead to substantive spinal injury. Strengthen your lower back by walking a moderate amount every day. Wear smart footwear and avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes that affect your gait and cause further strain to your back.

Stretch Throughout Your Workday

Staying in a seated position through your entire workday can cause both your lower and upper back health to suffer. It’s important to get up and stretch periodically to reduce stiffness in your SI joints, lumbar spine, and neck.

Moderate physical activity, staying mobile, and getting a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress can help you alleviate the onset of chronic back pain. If your condition doesn’t improve with these measures, you may also wish to consider physical therapy designed to target back pain.

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