Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Real Estate

The Folly of Being Your Own Real Estate Agent

Unless you are a professional real estate agent or have extensive knowledge of the field, it is much better to turn to a reputable real estate agent in your area and avoid, wasting time, reinventing the wheel, getting frustrated and stressed-out and after all of that, not getting the best price. Real estate agents in Ontario, Canada provide a wide variety of services so you can relax while your house is sold for a top price or, if you want to buy, you can relax and let someone else find the house that meets all of your criteria.

If You Want to Sell

Before you put your house on the market there are many things you need to consider so you can set a fair price. The real estate market is always changing whether in the rural or urban areas. You cannot set an arbitrary price for your home. It needs to be in line with what comparable homes are selling for in the same area. Since this can change daily and is extremely difficult for a nonprofessional to calculate, you need a professional who knows the best time to buy or sell.

Your home will need to be appraised to determine its intrinsic value. For example, you may have recently completely renovated yourbasement and now have a fantastic family room. You may also have added a bathroom or completely redone your kitchen. Only a professional appraiser will be able to tell you the value your renovations add to your home. Some add more value than others do. A new kitchen adds more value than a renovated bedroom.

Once the price is set and people start visiting your home, a real estate agent is invaluable at negotiating the best price for you. Your agentwill help you stage your home for visitors so it will appeal to the best buyers.

If you are selling an old family home, you may like to sell it to someone who will appreciate it. For example, if it has a wonderful backyard for kids, you can ask your agent to look for families with small children.

If You Want to Buy

There are so many things involved with buying a house that if you don’t get it right the first time, you may regret it for years. It helps to have a team of real estate agents who are searching for your dream house too. You can explain your conditions according to your lifestyle and personal desires. If you have a family, you may need several bedrooms, if you live alone you may want a studio or office. You can trek around the area in which you want to live for months and never find exactly what you want. However, a team of agents can. They know most houses in the area and may have sold one or two more than once.

You may be a financial whizz, but if not, your real estate team can help you calculate the mortgage you can carry according to your monthly income, the interest rate, the down payment you can afford and the amortization period. Don’t forget land tax and insurance.

When houses come on the market, you will be informed immediately and be able to see them at your earliest convenience. Your dream home may be another seeker’s dream home, so it is wise to get there first so you can either make an offer or look elsewhere.

Your agent will have inside information and let you know about any houses for sale that have not yet been put on the market. You can buy the home of your dreams quicker and avoid a bidding war that may last for months. When you get a list of the newest properties, you can choose one and your real estate team will take care of the rest.

So, why put yourself and your loved ones through the ordeal of trying to be your own real estate agent. With an agency that has a qualified and well-trained team, who are skilled negotiators, you won’t lose and you might gain a lot when they sell your house for a big profit or buy you the home of your dreams for an affordable price.