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Things to Do in the Great Dismal Swamp

Don’t let the name Great Dismal Swamp steer you away from one of the largest intact wilderness refuges near the East Coast. There are 111,000 acres of nature to explore in this unique location. Because this park spans multiple climates, the swamp includes a variety of both northern and southern species of animals. Here are some things to do in this amazing natural habitat.


Grab your binoculars and head out on the trails to see how many of the two hundred identified species of birds you can find. The best time of year to see the greatest variety of bird species is during spring migration from April to June. Write in a journal or draw in your sketchbook to track the birds you identify and keep a record of your birding adventures.

Lake Drummond

Located in the middle of the Great Dismal Swamp, Lake Drummond can be visited on foot or by vehicle. Over 80 miles of trails are open for hiking and biking around the area. If you prefer, a self-guided auto tour can also take you to the lake while providing you with glimpses of nature along the way. Once at the lake, boating and fishing are available year round. With Suffolk land for sale near the refuge, you’ll be minutes away from enjoying this natural playground.


The Swamp is home to the American black bear and the white-tailed deer. Hunts occur on designated dates in October and November each year and require registration to participate. Only two hiking trails are open during hunting season, so plan your visit ahead of time.

With such an amazing wildlife preserve right near home, there are plenty of opportunities to hike with your camera to practice your photography or take a guided nature walk with a park expert. Exploring the Great Dismal Swamp all year round will continually unveil natural treasures. 

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