Wednesday, June 16, 2021

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Top 3 Reasons To Visit Manayunk, Philadelphia

If you’ve been looking for a fun East Coast destination for your next trip and are tired of well known tourist attractions in places like New York City or Boston, you may be interested in checking out the bustling neighborhood of Manayunk in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This trendy area of the City of Brotherly Love has a small-town feel but still attracts plenty of young professionals. Whether you’re hoping to tour luxury apartments in Manayunk or simply stop by the area for some pie, a visit to this underrated neighborhood is well worth the trip. Check out these three great reasons to stop by.

  1. It Was Once an Industrial Center

Back in the day, the Manayunk area was well known for its industrial strengths and was even nicknamed the Manchester of America! Today, you can still visit some interesting remnants of this era. The GJ Littlewood and Sons Textile Mill, for example, is a local staple and has been in business for more than 130 years.

  1. There’s Unique Artwork

Because Manayunk was once its own city instead of part of Philadelphia, it still retains a unique, nuclear feel. Take a stroll through the downtown area, for instance, and you’ll come across countless local murals. These murals not only dress up the area, but actually hold deeper significance as many depict influential former residents.

  1. The Bakeries Are Top-Notch

Finally, if you’re a foodie or simply enjoy some quality pastry, be sure to visit a bakery while in the neighborhood. Marchiano’s Bakery, for example, is famous for its tomato pie and has a long roster of celebrity clientele, including Frank Sinatra.

Whether you love fresh baked goods, unique history or a close-knit, vibrant feel, Manayunk has something to offer everyone. If you’re in the area for your next vacation, be sure to drop by and visit this underrated neighborhood. You might just be surprised by it!

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