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Why Moving Abroad After Covid-19 Is The Way To Go

Travelling and moving abroad has taken a few knocks in recent months. Especially in the UK where we have the double whammy of Brexit and Covid-19.

But the need to travel and relocate doesn’t leave us just because of political or biological reasons.

With that in mind lets look at the top reasons for why moving abroad, and moving abroad to Spain in particular, after Covid-19 is the way to go.

Covid-19 and Brexit Travel Arrangements

Here in the UK we are in the unenviable position of dealing with 2 complex situations which are affecting travel abroad.

As it stands any travel is severely limited. While the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has stated that ‘the rules to travel to EU countries will stay the same until December 21, 2020’ this doesn’t take into account the current Covid-19 situation.

As of May, 2020, the FCO ‘advises British nationals against all but essential international travel. This applies for an indefinite period.

But just because there is no end date for when travel restrictions will be lifted doesn’t mean you shouldn’t begin planning ahead now. In fact, now, when we mostly have a little extra time to ourselves, is the best time to start thinking and planning your move abroad after Covid-19.

Moving Abroad After Covid-19

For one reason or another you’ve made up your mind to move, to get away. It might only be for a few weeks, months, or years. It might be temporary or permanent. Either way you are eager to get going. Now you face the decision. Where to go?

If anywhere is on the top of that list it has to be Spain.

Two Great Reasons Spain Should Be Your Top Choice:

Population Density

A factor which may become important for future travel is population density.

Because people are the carriers and transmitters of disease it makes logical sense that we may want to travel to less busy destinations.

The most remote destinations, with the least amount of people, will only be a choice for the seasoned traveller or adventurous type. Siberia is hardly a typical spot for a family holiday or relocation. The rest of us still want our comforts and luxuries.

Spain is ideally placed for this. In a list of 50 European countries ranked by population density it usually comes in on the lower end with a figure of around 93 people per square kilometre. Thousands of people less than the top spot (Monaco 18,960 per km2) and almost a third off the UK (272 km2).

This is important because as well as having a much smaller density of people, and thus less opportunity for disease to spread, it also means there is still a big enough population to have all those provisions and luxuries we like to have in our lives.

Healthy Sunshine

Plentiful sun and good weather are normally a pre-requisite for people wishing to travel or move abroad. Especially for us Brits who find it severely lacking in our lives.

Because of this Spain has always been a popular destination. Spain is commonly known as the sunniest country in Europe with the Mediterranean coast receiving an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year.

In 2006 the World Health Organisation described the climate in Costa Blanca as the healthiest in the world and a 2019 Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index saw Spain top the charts for having the ‘healthiest country in the world’.

What makes this an even bigger boon for moving abroad after Covid-19 are the associated health benefits of sunshine which provides us with a readily available, and free, source of vitamin D.

Vitimin D provides us with a way to combat both Covid-19 and the common flu. A study published on the National Centre For Biotechnology information called ‘Evidence that vitamin D supplementation could reduce the rick if influenza and COVID-19 infections and deaths’ finds that ‘vitamin D can reduce infections’. This is evidenced by the current outbreak occurring during the colder winter months when natural levels of vitamin D is at its lowest.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Spain continues to hold its chart-topping position of being the healthiest in the world when things have settled and we all return to a degree of normality. A normality that may include some form of social distancing which Spain could also easily accommodate.

Moving abroad then, be it for a few weeks, months or years, or even the rest of your life, could be a solid decision that may well benefit your long-term health.

Making The Move Abroad After Covid-19.

You’ve made your decision. And a good decision it is. Moving abroad to Spain is the way to go.

But who can help? What do you need to know? Where will you go?

The British Government can help with a lot of things. They have important information regarding your rights after the UK’s exit from the EU when living in Spain. Here you can find information on accessing healthcare, getting a document legalised and how to vote abroad for example. These local agents tend to be well versed on healthcare rules and speaking both English and Spanish, can guide you through the process.

When finding where to live within Spain, whether temporarily or permanently, finding a reputable estate agent should be high on your agenda. A good estate agent will help you find the right property that suits you and your needs. Be that a few weeks holiday, a permanent move, or even buying property as an investment.

There are a few to choose from, and it all depends just where in Spain you want to go, but as Costa Blanca appears to be the healthiest area in the healthiest country it seems an obvious choice to find an estate agent there.

Despite our current difficulties Spain still retains a high degree of attraction. Not only is it one of the sunniest destinations but it is also one of the healthiest. A choice in moving abroad to Spain after Covid-19 appears to be no choice at all. What are you waiting for?

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